Pretty & Sweet

                         Cake Flavors

    Vanilla- Made with Madagascar vanilla beans, a true white cake.

    Chocolate- Made with Cocoa Barry dark cocoa powder and melted dark chocolate.

    Marble- Our vanilla cake swirled with chocolate batter.

    Lemon-Rosemary - A savory spin on plain lemon with just a few sprigs of fresh rosemary.

    Honey-Lavender - Made with honey from Kim's bees in Northern Michigan.

    Banana- We puree fresh bananas for each batch and add a few spices.

    Carrot- We use toasted pecans in our carrot cake - it is a dark, moist and very flavorful cake.

    Pumpkin- Rich in spices, an amazing flavor choice for fall and winter events. 

    Almond- We toast our almond flour until it is perfectly golden, a slightly coarser texture.

    Hazelnut- The hazelnut flour is also toasted, and brings out the richness of the nutty flavor.

    Irish Cream - We make our own Irish Cream with real whiskey.

    Coconut- Flavored with a toasted coconut extract, and real angel flake coconut.

For the fillings - click here!

Each cake tier is made up of four layers of cake and three layers of filling.

All of our cakes are frosted with buttercream.

Fondant and other decor are additional and priced per design.